Going, going, gone!

This is truly an adventurous surfers paradise.
Welcome to Southern Mozambique by boat!

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I just got back from the greatest surf trip of my life. Warm water, empty spot after empty spot, just surfing with the crew on the trip. Some amazing surfing discoveries. Awesome fishing and unbelievable diving. This is so much more than just a surf trip. This is an opportunity to explore a magnificent part of the African Marine Wilderness and the best part is that it is just you and seven other guys/girls. Where in the world can you go and surf a crazy selection of waves ranging from 1.5km right point breaks to crazy reef slabs to untouched beach breaks to super fun sand spit wrap arounds, where you get cold beers handed to you with freshly baked bread and Tuna Sashimi caught before you paddled in for your last session of the day? This is a game changer in terms of surf exploration and discovery and the best part is that for South African surfers it is right on your doorstep. Forget about crazy, two day commutes, on day one you are in the water, and that is where you stay until it is over. ROI, in terms of waves caught is unparalleled.

The surf season in this part of the world is short lived and very specific. There is one more charter this year with only 5 slots available. R14K is the price ex DBN. This includes transport to Ponta Do’ Oura, 3 nights accommodation ashore and 4 nights onboard. All food and drink aboard (excluding sprits), but excluding all food, drink, border transfers, and visas for non SA citizens while on land. The dates are the 27-3 July. A 50% deposit secures you a slot, the balance is payable on 27 June.

For booking enquiries email or call 0828863424

The absolute delicious moment of jumping into a crystal clear warm ocean with perfect uncrowded surf in your immediate future.

There are real waves on offer if you have the balls...

Just you, your crew and waves like this.

It is difficult to describe the feeling of jumping off a boat to sample uncrowded waves like this.

We found this wave by fluke, it works when the surf is flat in a howling onshore and peels for 150m down a perfect sandpit point.

The boys going to town on the sandpit left.

Spike and Ross team wave on the sandspit left point.

This is why we go here, no peeps, just you your crew and uncrowded perfection.

Cobus rode this wave for over a kilometer.

Mick laying into a fun arvo session at one of the many points.

It is not all serious points, the beach breaks are magnificent.

The waves ranged from serious to super fun and rippable.

You haven't surfed in CLEAN, WARM water untill you have surfed here. Bruce a long way from the North Beach Bowl.

We spent quite a bit of time figuring out the charts and marrying them to reality on this trip. Jean, the owner and skipper of Angra Pequna and her crew were absolute legends!

You want to swim from Inhaca to Portuguese Island and back, are you crazy? Mark Taylor and I managed to do that on the slack tide, a distance of about 5-6km

The Angra Pequena, what an awesome base from which to operate.

The tender is an integral part to accessing some of the breaks.

No condos, no lifeguards, just point break after point break and the magnificent African bush as a backdrop.

Raising the sail to add a few knots to the cruising speed.

No surfing expedition is complete without some great bodysurfing.

Alaia's, handslides, Paipo's the boys rode them all.

Cobus took any opportunity to get slotted.

If you are not surfing you are snorkeling, if you are not snorkeling you are SUPing, if neither of the above then you are fishing, diving or chilling.

Spike two sessions in and no one to hassel for his next wave.

Wandering around inhaca Island on a Sunday afternoon this man saw us and beckoned me to join him in a sample of his coconut home brew. I was swerving after one glass.

  We free dived a reef about 10km out to sea from Inhaca, the vis and reef were next level.

Micky not intimidated by the juice.

Mangrove swamp Inhaca at Sunset.

We limited our fishing to late afternoons just before supper. Nothing like Tuna Sashimi, a sunset and a cold mozambican beer.

The Sunsets in this part of the world need to be seen to be believed.

A lovely way to wash down a thirst created by multiple adventure activities.

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