Greener Surfboard Bags

Surfboard bag prices start at R1200/USD $95. Each bag ids both funky and unique making it easy to spot when travelling. They are mindful of the environment, help create jobs and they assist in conservation work in KZN. Excluding the straps and zips 100% of the rest of the materials are made from recycled materials. We work closely with Uzwelo who have pioneered a social upliftment and skills development program and conservation initiative. This includes 3 trained ladies from iBhungezi/Philangethemba Trust (Molweni-Valley of 100 hills) 3 ladies at the LIV Village, and 2 ladies from iThembalethu (Cato Manor). Each one of these are now producing bags and earning a living that puts food on the table for their families, funds education and provides dignity and up-liftment for their communities long-term. A portion of all sales of these bags also goes into funding the Bateleurs, an NPO that provides SA with an aerial perspective of the environment. They are involved in multiple diverse missions of sustainable environmental and development policies and programs. The wait time on a new bag is approximately 3 weeks. To place an order or for additional information email