OCEAN CHILD Mindful Adventure


Uncrowded surf and wilderness exploration go hand in hand. Yoga, surfing and freediving are complimentary activities.

Interacting with wildlife, be it on land, or in the ocean, is a profoundly humbling and grounding experience.

Surfing in all its forms is a conductor of positive energy and a conduit to an amazing sense of well-being.

Yoga is the single biggest gift you can give yourself.

Freediving is as much an adventure into the marine wilderness as it is a journey into oneself.

Adventure is food for the soul.


Our mission is to get you into the best surf, with the least crowds, in the most beautiful places to create memorable experiences.

Area of expertise - Southern Africa

We operate across Mozambique, South Africa and Namibia. We have a major interest in the low traffic, wilderness areas in those countries. Where possible we aim to supplement your surfing experience with yoga, freediving, wilderness exploration and other adventure related activities.

Our people

Headed by the OCEAN CHILD founder, John McCarthy who has a three decades of experience surfing, exploring and adventuring in these three countries, we have a network of top skippers, dive masters, swimming coaches, yoga instructors, surf guides and fixers who are all exceptional at what they do.

Modus Operandi

We seek to tread gently wherever we go. We avoid crowded destinations and we look for synergies in the products and services we offer. All of our trips have an adventure and wilderness/wildlife component. If you want to surf deserted, unspoiled tracts of coastline alone, dive beautiful coral reefs, interact with the wildlife and practice yoga and meditation in some of the most pristine wilderness areas, then we can help you do that. We can also help you green your approach to what you ride.

Our mottos

Nature calls the shots; we play the hand.
A cooking, empty lineup is priceless.
Be prepared to ride everything.
Whatever gets you on the mat.
Dive safe and be respectful of the wildlife.


We seek to be as transparent as possible with our pricing. We offer unique and premium products. It has taken years to build up the knowledge and network required to facilitate these kinds of experiences and to avoid wasting time and money in the wrong place, while the surf is cooking somewhere else. We only employ the best people and we never compromise on safety. Simply put, you get what you pay for.

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